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  • What type of login do I need?

    Donor (individual, minister, business / institution) - You will need an AGPassport login to make online contributions on You will need to use your personal Donor ID / AG Account number when creating your login. (This number can be found on blue and white receipts received from previous donations.)

    Donor (official AG church) - To donate or manage giving online on behalf of an official AG church, the Lead Pastor must use their personal login OR they can assign an Account Representative in the church. To become an Account Rep, you will need to use your personal Donor ID / AG Account number when creating your login. Then, give your username to your Lead Pastor. The Lead Pastor can then login on with their personal login, and on the Account Selection screen under the church name, click “I would like to authorize an account rep.” The Lead Pastor will then need to enter the Account Rep’s username, and click Add. From this point on, the Account Rep can login with their personal login and will be able to select the church to manage giving.

    District & Fellowship - Official AG District and Fellowship AGPassport logins are only available to authorized officials. If you need access to a District or Fellowship login, please contact us for approval and assistance.

    Church - Official AG churches can access online Annual Church Ministries Report "ACMR", GC Organizational Manual and more. Use the church AG account number to set up this type of login. Note: The church login will not work for donating or managing on behalf of an official AG church. See above: Donor (official AG Church)

    Minister – Official AG Ministers/Evangelists can view the online Ministers Letter, church directory, minister directory and more. Use your personal minister AG account number, found on your credentials card to set up this type of login..

    Other - There are various other secure accesses available to our constituency and are usually based on invitation from a ministry department at the AG National Office, your AG church, or district office. If you have been notified of an access that should be available to you and you need assistance setting up your account, please feel free to contact us.