Customer Service
Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is AGPassport?

AGPassport allows you to use one username and password to access all AG secure sites and resources. Based on the attributes attached to your username, you can also reach protected areas and information tailored especially to your areas of interest and responsibility.

2. How do I create an AGPassport Login?

Visit the AGPassport signup page and click on the “Not Yet a Member? Sign up” link. Fill out the registration form. Once your attributes are assigned, you can sign in and take advantage of AGPassport benefits.

3. What is a linked site?

Linked sites allow you to access secured web spaces that match your attributes. For instance, there may be specialized sites for district officials, ministers, or for those managing Fine Arts Festival. Once logged in, navigate to the My Sites page to view all of your current linked sites.

4. What are My Documents?

My Documents is where verified visitors can go to download files that match their interests and responsibilities. Documents can be targeted both by district and by area of ministry. For instance, if you are a District Officer, you can access documents that the General Secretary’s office has targeted specifically for you.

5. What is under My Profile?

The personal information you provided, such as contact information, is listed under this tab. You can update that personal data such as email address, AGPassport password, and other contact information.

6. How do I change my attributes?

Those administering the AGPassport system will assign attributes to you. If you find an error (such as being assigned to the incorrect district or an attribute outside your area or responsibility), or feel that an attribute should be added to your profile, contact AGPassport Administration Support at [email protected].

7. What do you do with my personal information?

We understand that you are concerned with privacy. We have a comprehensive privacy policy which you can read online by clicking the Site Policies link on the signup page. If you have any concerns on this matter, please email us at [email protected].